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How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Below are the top proven methods to add inches to your manhood .

1) Hydro Penis Pump

2) Penis Extenders

3) Penis pills

Click on any of the above for more information or scroll down for a brief overview of each.
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Hydro Penis Pumps

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Hydro penis pumps are penis pumps that use warm water as a medium in place of an air vacuum making them more effective than a conventional pump.

For rapid gains in both length and girth hydro penis pumps are best.
Immediate noticeable gains
Safe and effective
Stops premature ejaculation
Scientifically proven
Only 20 minutes a day
Need to soak in shower or bath for 20 minutes a day.
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Penis Pills
Penis pills are best used when you not only wish to increase your penis size but also wish to improve your libido.

Penis pills are only really effective for permanent gains when used in conjunction with an exercise program or other method of enlargment.
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Best Penis Pills
Fast and easy
Rapid increases
Big Boosts to libido
Many Scam products
Makes you constantly randy
Penis Extenders

Compare these Methods of Enlargement

Penis Extenders
Which is best for you?
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Penis Pumps
Penis Extender Devices
Penis Extender are devices that are designed to hold your penis in traction.

The continued traction results in a permanent growth to both the length and girth of your penis.

Permanent Gains
Safe effective
Medical type 1 device
Corrects curvatures
High once off cost
May be a little uncomfortable
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Best Penis Extenders
Penis Pumps
Best Choice
Hydro penis pumps

3 Inches can make a huge difference

What would you do with the extra inches
Penis extender device
Penis Pills
Penis Pills
Penis Pills
The best methods for you to increase penis girth and length
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Increase penis girth and length

While most men want a longer penis, research has continuously suggested that women far prefer more girth than length. Of course a combination where a penis has a good girth while also a decent length is highly desirable to both men and women.

In order to increase your penis girth and length you will need to dedicate some time aside which will become a lifetime investment to your sex life. Once you have gained a few inches your life will never be the same again.
In fact the new found confidence that you gain will probably spread into other areas of your life in a very positive way.

It is not possible to only increase your penis girth. When using any of the above penis enlargement systems you will automatically notice that there will be gains in both your length and girth. You will also find that there will be a vast improvement in your climax control enabling you to last even longer during intercourse.

Permanent penis enlargement will not happen overnight. While methods like the Penis Pump will produce immediate temporary gains, permanent gains do take a while to become noticeable. Do not get disheartened and keep on with your routine and you will reap the benefits.