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My Hydro Penis Pump Experience

Air Penis Pump
Most penis enlarger pumps are air based. The air is pumped out of the cylinder causing a vacuum around your penis.

Air is compressive by nature. This allows over pumping and too much pressure on the delicate tissue of your penis resulting in tissue rupture.

I never have and never will recommend an air penis pump to anyone. I have seen too much damage caused by these devices.
A hydro penis pump is a  product that is exciting, effective and safe to use.

Instead of using air the Hydro penis pump uses non compressive water as the medium for penis enlargement.

As water can not be compressed you never experience too much pressure on the delicate tissue resulting in fast and effective increases in both penis length and penis girth.
It is seldom that I really get excited about a product but the hydro penis pump is really something to get excited about!!

What makes it so exciting :-
Impressive Penis Girth Gains
Safe and Easy to use
Only 15 to 20 minutes a day
I saw results after the very first 15 minute session.

Jump into a relaxing warm bath (or Shower), fill the Hydro Pump with warm water, place over your penis and pump it until the water stops being forced out of the pressure release valve at the top.

Lie back and allow The device to do the work.

For the best results use 15 minutes a session. Optimum results are achieved using your hydro pump daily but do use at least 3 times a week.

Using Warm Water for Penis Enlargement

Warm water relaxes and soothes the tissue and muscles of your penis allowing for maximum gains. You will note that with any form of penis enlargement you should always warm your penis first. Because you use warm water in your hydro pump it is not necessary to first try and warm your penis before you get started.

As water can not be compressed the pressure (vacuum) applied on your penis is uniform and totally safe.  You can not overpump the device and as a result you are ensured of total safety and maximum gains.

Results using a Hydro Penis Pump.

Results can be seen from the very first usage. Best results are usually within 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the frequency of usage.

Increases in penis girth and penis length of up to 30% can easily be achieved.

As with all penis pumps, there is a swelling of the penis while using the pump and immediately after use. This is a as a result of extra blood being forced into your penis and stretching your erection. The stretching of the erection is what supplies the penis size gains.

Due to this stretching and expanding of the blood holding capacity of your penis you will soon discover that your erections become stronger, harder and longer lasting.
Hydro Penis Pump Negatives
Every product does have it's good points and bad points. I have only encountered 2 bad points so far:-

1) Takes getting used to. Initially the suction over your penis does feel a little weird and you may even feel a little tender afterwards. This only lasts a few sessions though until you become used to the feeling.

2) You have to clean and dry your Hydro pump. Cleaning and drying your device afterwards is essential. Forget to clean it and when you take it out to use again it can be a bit mouldy looking and yucky.

Apart from these 2 small negatives hydro penis pumps are an incredible product whose positives far outweigh the negatives
Excellent Penis Girth Gains
Hydro Penis Pumps
Penomet penis pump
Penomet hydro penis pump
Bets New Product

The best hydro penis pumps

When it comes to hydro penis pumps there are only 2 brands worth mentioning.
$118 to $199
$127 to $297
6 Weeks
365 Days
Gaiter - Lifetime
A good investment
An incredible investment
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Bathmate hydro penis pump
Bathmate was the first hydro penis pump on the market.

Bathmate is a quality device that works well and has a good reputation. It does produce good results. However I do feel that Bathmate is riding on it's name and that other newer products have overtaken it in terms of value for money as well as good user experience.
The newly released Penomet Hydro penis pump has already won the prestigous Venus award for the best new product in 2013.

While similar in action to the Bathmate penis pump, Penomet is far ahead in terms of user experience.

The incredible guarantee of 1 year on the device and lifestime on the interchangeable gaiters shows you just how confident the manufacturer is in the product.

Penomet is my personal first choice in a quality Hydro penis pump.