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Tips to Make Penis Bigger.

Unless you opt for the risk of undergoing penis enlargement surgery, the process of getting a bigger penis can take time with gains starting within 2 weeks to a month.

In our instant world of getting instant results, you want to see gains to your penis right now.

Here are some tips on how to make your penis bigger - instantly.

Great Tips for instantly Bigger Penis

Much of life is an optical illusion and when it comes to the penis there are ways and means as to how you can alter the illusion to make it appear as if your penis is actually bigger than it is.

First impressions
are the ones that count and are usually remembered.  If you you can alter first impressions about your penis size, then you make a lasting impression. Take the opportunity of changing the first impression by using a few small tips to make your penis look bigger than it really is.

Here are a couple of  tips that will create an instant optical illusion of a bigger penis:-

1) Pubic Hairstyles.

Real men don't trim their hair down there do they? When it comes to that big bush of hair down there, there are a number of visual first impressions that are made and that of  being manly is not one of them. The penis itself creates the manly look but the bush of hair creates an impression of untidiness and it also hides the first 2cm or more of your penis.

By simply giving yourself a haircut you will instantly be visually adding 2 cm or more of penis size upon first impression. The second advantage is that you create the impression of cleanliness, which is usually of utmost importance to members of the fairer sex.

Some men choose to shave all the hair off, but I personally favour a short trim so as to prevent rash and scratchiness. There is nothing worse than a razor rash that looks like you could be infected with some disease.

2) Take advantage of flaccid size variations. There are many factors that have the ability to alter the size of your flaccid penis. Temperature is a well known factor but that is largely uncontrollable. However there are other factors that can be controlled and utilised to increase the size of your flaccid penis so that you give a larger and more favourable first impression. Some of the other factors causing a change in flaccid penis size are the need to urinate and  the arousal of the mind. Learning to use these factors to your advantage could result in the first impression of your penis being as much as an inch or more bigger.

3) The third great tip to make your penis bigger does take a little longer to implement. As men grow a little older, they tend to gain a bit of weight. Whilst some weight is usually in the form of a bigger stomach, invariably the fat pad at the base of the penis also tends to get thicker. A thick fat pad means that you have less penis showing. By losing the fat pad, your penis protrudes more and results in immediate gains to your penis size.

The thickness of the fat pad can easily be guaged by simply pushing a finger into the fat immediately above the base of the penis until the finger hits the pubic bone. This is the amount of penis that can be recovered by using a simple fat burner diet pill which will at the same time give you extra sexual energy and will help to clear cholesterol that could be clogging your penile blood flow. As a matter of interest, the fat is usually liposuctioned out during penis enlargement surgery so as to create an impression of a bigger penis.

How you can achieve real permanent penis enlargement.

The tips above will serve to assist you to create the immediate impression that you have a bigger penis. However creating a mere impression will aid to make others think that you are bigger than you are, but what you really want to do is to actually get a bigger penis.

Real penis enlargement is not immediate but results can usually be seen anywhere from as little as 2 weeks from starting a penis enlargement method.
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