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Chart of ideal penis sizes for women

Penis Size Preferences of Women

What penis size is ideal for a woman? When it comes to matters of the penis, men and woman are sometimes worlds apart.

A man's ultimate is usually to have the biggest penis on the earth, but for a woman this may prove to be totally uncomfortable and even painful.

This is a chart of what women consider to be the ideal size to suit their needs and to supply ultimate satsifaction.
Red - Highly satsifying to most women. This is the ideal size to achieve.

Blue - Satisfactory. You will still be fantastic to most women.

Turquoise - Not too bad. There is room for improvement though.

White - Uh Oh. Needs some improvement.
To all the men that are falling in the red and blue category - well done, it seems that you will be quite capable of satisfying most women that you encounter.

To those that fall in the other categories, you could possibly benefit from a little help to make your penis fit into the more preferred categories.

How to make my Penis Bigger.
Penis Girth is the circumference of the erect penis.