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What Women Really Want?

What do women want in Penis Size.

What Women Need

What women Really Want From You !

What do women really want when it comes to a penis and the ideal size to make them happy? This is a multi million dollar question that does not have a clear cut answer.

For some women, it is all about penis girth. For other women it is all about the length of the penis with those extra erect inches being a major turn on to them.

So then what is the real thing that women are looking for when it comes to a penis. In my research I have come to found that a penis girth of between the average girth size of 5 1/4 inches to a penis girth of 6 1/2 inches fairly satisfies most women. There are some who do like it thicker than this, but mostly women do start to complain that it can become uncomfortable when it is any bigger than this.

When it comes to penis length, again the average penis length of 6 1/4 inches seems to be the bottom mark with lengths of up to 8 inches being popular amongst women.

It seems that if your penis is average to just above average in girth and length, then you will be capable of pleasing 90% of women as far as the size goes.

But wait there is more to it than just penis size!
What women want in sex.
When it comes what women really want from a man in bed, men may seem to be a litlle off the mark and only a handful of men really get it right!

What women do not want is an arrogant selfish person who only thinks about himself.

This is what she really wants.
Foreplay is not just a bit of fooling around immediately before sticking it in and getting your guns off, but rather a series of events that lead up to the final event. Men often tend to think that foreplay is sexual, but for women it is not.

Plan your date. Foreplay starts right from the first moment that you meet. It has to do with what you have arranged for the evening. Where you are going to eat. What entertainment you have planned and how you treat her through the evening. It is all the events that are leading up to the final moment.

The G-Spot is in the ears and any man who searches for it below is wasting his time.

A woman once said that when you date a younger inexperienced man, you go out and have fun and at the end you might have sex. It is just an add on out of the blue. However an older man starts to court and seduce you from the moment he picks you up and everything he does is leading and building up to the final culimination of making love, instead of sex being merely an add on. More on how to seduce women in foreplay.

This is the next biggest single factor in satisfying your partner and ensuring that you will be seeing them again after that first magic night of seduction.

It is not hard to imagine. You have taken her out, had a lovely dinner and been dancing or to the movies. You have been whispering lovely sweet words into her ears and by the time that you get to the house or apartment, she is already ripping your clothes off.

You make your way into the bedroom where you rip each others clothes off and the final moment has arrived. She is already wet through with excitement and anticipation, and you are rock hard.

You gently slip it in and - OH NO - You can't control it and ejaculate. She says it is fine and that she enjoyed the 30 seconds that it lasted.

The next day you phone and there is no answer to your calls, or one hundred excuses as to why she can not see you again.

Performance and durability in sex is the next biggest turn on for women. She wants to be able to enjoy the occasion and to have time to adequately reach an orgasm. If she has time to reach more than one orgasm, before you cum, then she will be the one asking you when you are going to be picking her up for the next date, or maybe you would prefer if she just pops in for coffee or a drink, so that she can see you again.

Male orgasm can be controlled and at Penis Health we understand that the ability to control orgasms is key to a enjoyable sex life. That is why we have developed a series of exercises that teach you just how to control your orgasms so that you are able to perform for as long as is needed.

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When it comes to women, men mostly get it wrong because they try to rationalise a women and use a man's perspective to figure out what a woman wants.

When it comes to sex It is no different and few men really know what most women are actually seeking and so they are running off and concentrating on the wrong things to try and get a womens admiration.

So what do women really want when it comes to sex.